Head Start Assistant Teacher (10 month)

Job Title: Head Start Assistant Teacher (10-month)
Reports To: Assistant Center Manager/Center Manager
FLSA Status: Non-Exempt
Purpose of Job:
The role of the Assistant Teacher is to provide a safe, nurturing and inclusive classroom environment that supports individualized learning based on childrens interests and needs. In partnership with the parent/guardian, formulate individualized child development goals and engage families in identifying their strengths/needs/interests to lay a foundation for lifelong family success. In conjunction with the Lead Teacher, assist in the classroom by providing individualized attention to the children to enhance their learning and development. A Head Start Assistant Teacher will contribute as a part of the teaching team to plan and implement curriculum and assessment. This role will assist in establishing and maintaining an appropriate learning environment, with attention to standards of health, safety, organization, and aesthetics. A Head Start Assistant Teacher will contribute to professionalism and teamwork within the teaching team and the agency, and will develop and maintain supportive, professional relationships with children and their families to enhance parent education, communication, involvement and advocacy.
Program Foundations
Contribute to Youth In Needs Mission: To build on the strengths of children, youth and families so they find safety, hope and success in life.
Share Youth In Needs Vision: Youth In Need will be the leader and driving force for future generations in helping children, youth and families to realize their potential and positively impact their communities.
Embrace the Strengths Based Philosophy: Youth In Need recognizes and emphasizes the strengths of all staff, children, youth and families.
Value Youth In Needs Culture of Inclusion and Diversity. Youth In Needs Diversity Definition: Believing in the power of potential, Diversity is intentionally embracing and valuing the differences and similarities, both visible and invisible, that make us who we areone community. Together our attitudes, actions, policies and physical environment are vital to ensure that all feel comfortable, respected and included regardless of race, sex, gender identity or expression, age, income, faith, ability, political affiliation, sexual orientation or cultural background.
See, Say, Do! Stay alert and engaged at all times. If a concern arises regarding safety or quality, communicate the concern and take action to improve the situation.
Uphold ethical practice, transparency, professionalism, confidentiality and personal accountability in all work.
Collaborate with and mentor others.
I. Environment (35%)
Maintain group size, ratio, and supervision of children at all times (1 teacher to 4 children EHS/ 1 teacher to 10 children HS) by following established protocol regarding counting children and Head Start Performance Standards.
Ensure that all children are released only to a parent, legal guardian, or other individuals designated in writing by the parent or legal guardian.
Proactively set up and prepare the physical environment assuring that classroom plans, routines, and transitions can occur effectively.
Conduct ongoing safety assessments of indoor/outdoor classroom environment per Head Start Performance Standards, State Licensing and Youth In Need policy. Safety concerns will be addressed immediately in accordance with policy and procedure.
Follow Youth In Need Policy, Head Start Performance Standards (HSPS), and Missouri State licensing regulations for safety, health, hygiene, and sanitation.
Create an environment that represents childrens and familys backgrounds, cultures, language and displays their work.
Create and maintain an appropriate classroom learning environment that has a consistent daily schedule, routines and rituals.
Complete daily and monthly classroom monitoring responsibilities.
Complete and maintain inventory of supplies and an equipment list to ensure that materials are plentiful, in good repair, and have a designated space.
II. Teaching & Learning (35%)
Actively facilitate learning experiences, which embrace curriculum and playfulness, in the indoor and outdoor learning environments while utilizing a team approach with other teachers.
Assist with the development of, prepare for, and implement learning experiences based on Curriculum, Head Start Performance Standards (HSPS), the Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework, and Family Engagement Outcomes, that follow childrens ideas and interests, support individual childrens learning goals, and advance childrens progress towards school readiness.
Participate in daily teaching team discussions of observations to plan future individual and group learning experiences.
Create a safe and supportive child-led atmosphere that encourages children to explore possibilities. Support childrens critical thinking and problem solving skills by providing hands-on opportunities that allow children to create, explore, experiment, and predict. Utilize effective questioning to increase childrens knowledge and learning.
Interact with children in a nurturing, respectful, and responsive manner by showing sensitivity to each childs developmental needs by making accommodations and adaptations as necessary.
Independently assess and attend to child needs in order to support the Lead Teachers facilitation.
Strategize and implement positive supports for children who may have distinct behavioral needs.
Assist with the creation of and implement classroom routines, transitions and rituals, which are taught to and individualized for children using a variety of techniques including visual, modeling and practicing.
Conduct Family Style Meals and individualize feedings for infants and children in accordance with HSPS and based on childrens individual needs and/or the familys request. Provide a supportive environment for breastfeeding mothers.
Support the individual health and well-being of all children, by accommodating each childs individual health and safety needs.
III. Assessment (10%)
Observe and document childrens learning and development on an ongoing basis consistent with program guidance.
Create and maintain a portfolio for each child that encompasses a variety of work samples, pictures and observations for parents to view on an on-going basis.
Complete developmental screenings and child outcomes as scheduled.
Use family impute, developmental/health screenings, child observations, outcomes and IFSP/IEPs to individualize child routines, schedules, and school readiness goals.
IV. Parent, Family & Community Engagement (10%)
In partnership with Family Advocate and Center Manager, welcome families into the program by conducting a Family Orientation with the child and family prior to the first day of attendance.
In partnership with applicable YIN staff, use the family partnership process to help families develop transition plans for themselves and their children.
Provide opportunities for families to engage with their children, and facilitate opportunities for families to contribute to the creation of the classroom community.
Communicate with families in a supportive manner regarding program participation and progress.
Actively collect all 45/90 day requirements and document follow-up per program guidance.
Conduct a minimum of two Educational Home Visits and two Parent-Teacher Conferences each program year.
Advocate for families and support families in further engaging as advocates and leaders within Head Start and the community through supporting effective transitions, care team meetings, IEP/IFSP meetings, and other opportunities for families to effectively meet their unique and diverse needs.
Maintain concise and factual documentation regarding families and children in all program areas.
Communicate with Family Advocate on a regular basis to coordinate family engagement and school readiness services.
Serve as a liaison between program services and the community, including recruitment activities, education and advocacy of potential Head Start and Early Head Start families.
Provide opportunities for families to further their development within the Family Engagement Outcomes, which will include participating in engagement activities at night or on the weekend.
V. Professional Development (5%)
Actively participate in Professional Development opportunities, and incorporate information from training and guidance into practice to improve quality.
Attend all required trainings, meetings and complete necessary certifications as required.
Develop and work towards professional development goals in collaboration with your supervisor.
Assume the responsibilities of the Lead Teacher when the teacher is absent.
VI. Additional Responsibilities (5%)
May be requested to fill in at other sites or travel to other locations for training.
Must be sensitive to the socioeconomic and cultural characteristics of the service population.
Performs other duties as assigned.
Formal Education/Credentials (If Any) Normally Associated With Job
Necessary: High school diploma or equivalent
Desirable: Associates in Early Childhood Education or Child Development. Completion of a Preschool Child Development Associate (CDA).
Effective classroom management, lesson planning, individualizing for children, and developmentally appropriate practice.
One or more years working with children 3-5 years or equivalent, in a Head Start Program or a licensed Community Child Care program, preferred.
Work well independently and collaboratively with others.
Skilled in written and verbal communication
Ability to analyze information and apply it.
Environmental Conditions
Indoor office environment
Indoor classroom environment
Occasional travel to various YIN sites
Physical Requirements
Physically be able to lift at least 50 pounds, able to lift/carry children when appropriate.
Must be mobile, able to get up and down from floor, stand and sit on floor within the classroom environment.
Driving Requirements
Required Eligibility Classification
Youth In Need serves children, young people and families of many racial and ethnic backgrounds, abilities, sexual orientations, gender identities, and religious beliefs, and we seek a workforce that reflects that diversity. People of color are strongly encouraged to apply.
Note: This job description in no way states or implies that these are the only duties to be performed by the incumbent in this position. Requirements are representative of minimum levels of knowledge, skills, and/or abilities expected to meet job standards

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